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Your Body is Listening

by in Health Tips September 3, 2019

Change Your Mind and You Can Change Your Life Have you heard of the rice experiment, as documented originally by Dr. Masaru Emoto? His experiments with both water crystals and rice have given the world a good deal of evidence that positive and negative thinking can alter the state and overall “health” of organisms.

Naturally Detox

by in Health Tips August 3, 2019

NO PILLS OR SPECIAL DRINKS: SIMPLE WAYS TO NATURALLY DETOX YOUR BODY “De-toxing” is a popular term today, getting full run in mainstream magazines, newsletters, and social media. We have all come to acknowledge that our bodies are constantly under the attack of environmental toxins, both self-induced (processed foods, smoking, drinking, chemicals in detergents/makeup/self-care products), […]

The Body Type Myth

by in Health Tips July 27, 2018

You’ve heard many experts say 70% of your physical transformation is likely the result of your nutrition. And…most agree that your fitness pursuits account for the other 30%. What often gets overlooked and under-valued is our genetics.