Together, we work on improving your health from the inside out.

Functional lab work is at the heart of the BE WELL approach to health. By utilizing non-invasive laboratory tests, I will obtain accurate data that allows me to identify the specific areas in your body that need to be addressed. Lab testing may include saliva, urine, hair, blood, or stool samples. Most lab samples are very easy to obtain and are completed in the convenience of your own home.

The lab tests I use focus on several of your body’s systems: hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification and food sensitivities – a very comprehensive approach. Imbalances in your body are often hidden and can only be discovered through lab testing. The lab results will provide us with a current and thorough assessment of how various systems in your body are currently functioning.

A list of potential lab tests include:

Through the use of advanced assessments and the functional laboratory testing, I am able to dig to the root cause of many health ailments, rather than simply chasing symptoms. I can identify the specific imbalances and any malfunctions of your hormone, immune, digestive, detoxification + intestinal systems. And through my investigative approach I can create very detailed and thorough healing protocols that address your unique needs, while coaching you through any obstacles and serving as your guide and partner in health.

We then work together to restore those systems to normal functioning and return you to vibrant health!

There is only ONE you – and good health is by choice, not by chance.