Naturally Detox

by in Health Tips August 3, 2019


“De-toxing” is a popular term today, getting full run in mainstream magazines, newsletters, and social media.

We have all come to acknowledge that our bodies are constantly under the attack of environmental toxins, both self-induced (processed foods, smoking, drinking, chemicals in detergents/makeup/self-care products), and those we are simply surrounded by (think: car exhaust, second-hand smoke, chemical fumes, etc.).

Have you noticed how many different juice concoctions are available on the grocery shelves now?  We are being inundated by juice companies striving to get $10 for a bottle of juice, claiming we will get everything we need to clean out our systems if we just buy the juice.

Or maybe you have heard all about these juice detoxes and considered trying your own juice-only detox?

Yes, juice can be a powerful way to help support detoxing the body, and it is chock full of nutrients — there’s no arguing there — but not all of us can go without eating for days, nor do we all want to. Is it possible to cleanse the body, but not give up food?

Absolutely!  It’s very simple – you eat!  And eat clean, unprocessed, whole foods!

A super-clean eating plan can do wonders for the body and mind. In fact, the beautiful thing about the human body is that it knows how to cleanse, instinctively.

We have multiple organs and systems whose job is to do just that, daily. So interestingly enough, our bodies are always in the midst of working hard for us to detox — we just need to give them the right conditions for success.

Fresh produce contains natural cleansers (also known as fiber) — this is the way that nature intended. Eating them regularly will consistently support the cleansing systems of the body, without having to drink our way through the day.

For instance, feasting on fresh vegetables and fruits can do wonders for the body and digestive system, and doing so allows the organs to do their job without interference.

Are you ready to get started?

First, you just need to make a conscious effort to REMOVE what is unnatural, and INCLUDE what is fresh and real. When support is given to the body nutritionally, it naturally detoxes.

Starting today, aim to remove anything from your diet that comes packaged.  Your goal is to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  So…if it’s in a box, a bag, a wrapper, or gets passed through a window…it should NOT be in your diet.  If it has an ingredients label that has more than one or two ingredients listed, it should NOT be in your diet.

Do fresh vegetables and fruits have ingredient labels?  Nope.

Does chicken breast or fresh fish from the meat/seafood counter have a nutrition label with multiple ingredients?  Nope.

See where I am going here?

Here are some things to include in your daily nutrition, to help your body naturally detox:

Fresh herbs: Including herbs like parsley and cilantro in your diet can support the detoxification of heavy metals from the system. Chop into salads, or blend into smoothies.

Juicy fruits: Snacking on grapefruits, berries and apples gives the body a host of nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals — plus, they have a high water content, which helps the body stay hydrated. Fiber gently sweeps through the intestines, clearing the digestive tract while keeping things moving in the right direction.

Healthy fats: Including ripe avocados and chia and hemp seeds provides the body the healthy fats our systems so desperately crave. Every process of the body needs healthy fat in order to function at peak performance.

Greens and wild edibles: We all know that these are at the top of any nutritional program. From kale to arugula, watercress to dandelion greens. Massive amounts of powerful nutrients naturally reside inside these leaves.

Other: Garlic, ginger and turmeric are some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods we have available to us. Inflammation is at the root of practically all known chronic health conditions.  THAT will be the topic of another blog post! 


A three- or five-day conscious intake of foods, omitting anything other than fresh, clean fruits, veggies and healthy fats can help decrease stress on the systems of the body and increase clarity of the mind — all while satisfying the appetite and regulating body weight.  You will get all that you need to maintain your energy and focus during the day, you will sleep better at night, and your body will appreciate the opportunity to detox itself naturally.

Include lots of pure water and freshly brewed herbal teas, get plenty of rest and enjoy what your body naturally knows how to do by supporting it nutritionally. Include fresh-pressed juices if you’d like, just know that fasting on them is not the only way to give the body a break. With all the springtime herbs, vegetables and fruits this time of year, it’s simple to give your body a break without taking away the simple pleasure of eating.

And who knows? You may find that eating this way is NOT so hard, after all!  Who needs all that crap in boxes, bags, and wrappers, anyway??   NOT YOU.