The Body Type Myth

by in Health Tips July 27, 2018

You’ve heard many experts say 70% of your physical transformation is likely the result of your nutrition.

And…most agree that your fitness pursuits account for the other 30%.

What often gets overlooked and under-valued is our genetics.

You can improve your body and even to a great degree sculpt your physique, but you cannot morph your DNA.

While a genetic predisposition toward obesity or a particular body type is not something I suggest people use as an excuse, it IS something to be considered when setting realistic goals.

It is also what we must factor in when we needlessly compare ourselves to someone else – someone with different DNA.

Genetics determine WHERE we gain weight first and where it comes off last.

Our genetic makeup determines where we store fat. That is also why it is impossible to spot-reduce fat loss.

Genetics probably has more to do with your favorite body part than your hard work in the gym. Oh, for sure we can “improve” everything we’ve been given, but it’s just unrealistic for someone with short, round, full muscles to assume that if they do Pilates, they will develop the long lanky muscle type of Cameron Diaz. They just have different DNA.

I bet you can think of someone right now who has beautifully round and strong calves. I bet one of their parents (who doesn’t workout) has nearly the same beautifully-shaped calves. They share the same genes.

It also explains why two people who weigh the same, train the same and eat the same will likely have very different body types and perhaps even vastly differing body composition (unless of course they’re identical twins).

Now look – I’m not trying to put a damper on your day… quite the contrary. I want you to know that each of us has our own unique composition, genetic blueprint and body type.

It is futile to work toward physical goals that are simply unrealistic or defeating! Your only competition is YOU! You should only be trying to achieve the very best version of what you have. How’s that for a novel idea?

Work to achieve YOUR best result and strive for the self-love that allows you to be grateful for your amazing body!

No matter how much basketball I play, my legs won’t get any longer. Despite all my swimming, my torso will never be long and lean and that’s ok!

It’s ok because I know that if I just focus on being a better version of myself, I won’t be disappointed.

Focus on ALL THAT IS GOOD and the blessing of your health. Health is perhaps one of the most precious gifts we have! To focus on “what we don’t have” is to be ungrateful.

I’m human. I get caught up in body type comparisons. But I try to stop myself. I put on the brakes and remind myself there are people who have lost their ability to exercise, to walk, to speak or even to move freely.

I remind myself on the days I don’t really feel like working out that I have been blessed with the CHOICE to work out. I remind myself how ungrateful it is for me to be frustrated about “this or that” being less than perfect. PERSPECTIVE.

And it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that the Universe has a unique way of balancing things out. That woman in the gym, who you think is perfect with the most amazing abs probably has bad breath, snores at night, and sings out of tune. 😊

There is no particular exercise that can change your genetic predisposition. Some people put on round full muscle. Some, despite hours and hours of effort will always have a longer, flatter muscle composition. Muscle helps us shape our bodies but the shape of your muscle is very much predetermined by our genetics…. and that’s OKAY!

Embrace your shape. Embrace your genetics. Embrace that you are uniquely and perfectly YOU.